• 1st March 2023
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How to change DNS on different IPTV devices?

  • 30th January 2023
In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to change the DNS on your IPTV devices such as MAG, different Smart TV’s, Android and iOS. Changing your DNS settings is usually mentioned as one of the simplest ways to optimize your internet speed and solve many issues you might encounter while streaming IPTV channels. What is Internet ...
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Christmas Offer at Great IPTV

  • 25th December 2022
Merry Christmas from all of us at GREAT IPTV,   We hope that you, experienced good times with our service in the past year and we hope you continue to enjoy it because we are always trying hard to keep the service as good as possible!Like past years, we have an offer in these happy times so you could enjoy our service more with more ...
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Great IPTV's FIFA World Cup 2022 Sales

  • 20th November 2022
Hello,   Due to the start of the FIFA World Cup, we decided to announce sales offer to those football enthusiasts to watch the most anticipated football competition at lower costs. Watch all FIFA World Cup 2022 matches with no delays and buffers. Don't miss this chance!   Campaign Offers FIFA World Cup 2022: Subscriptions 1 Year ...
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